Monday, April 28, 2008


Here is my photo final from this semester. A lot of these images have been posted here before but I think they really work as a series also. I would love comments, advice, favorites, ones you hate, anything. I personally am really pleased with this group of ten images but they are by no means the end of the line or perfect. This is the start of a journey of my exploration of my family and loved ones and the world I share with them. It was awesome to see them all up on the wall printed 17 X 22.

Dinner Time
Tragumna, Ireland

Deal or No Deal,
Glastonbury, Ct

Easter Ham
East Hartford, Ct

After the Sprinkler
Grand Rapids, Mi

Happy Dance
South Windsor, Ct

The Geek
South Windsor, Ct

Popped Balloon
Worcester, Ma

Sneaking Cake
Worcester, Ma

Left Out
East Hartford, Ct

South Windsor, Ct

I went to the DeCordova and it was awesome. I am in love with Julie Blackmon. You should all check her stuff out :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hi from Ireland

So here i am in Ireland, looking at the most beautiful ocean view I have ever seen. It seriously blows my mind. I have been snapping away and my family has been very kind to let me drive around half hanging out of the car and constantly saying things like "stay there" "turn towards me" and "take 3 steps to your right." More than anything I am realizing how much I am NOT a landscape photographer. I have tons and tons of photos but very few (if any) have that spark that makes a great landscape. I have an even greater appreciation for what Cade and Frank do.

The flight here was a train wreck! It is a long story (and best told with hand gestures) but we made an emergency landing in Goosebay, Labrador. Thats in Canada (I had to look it up on a map!). The plane was fine but some woman was having heart palpations and well, it was a mess (don't feel too bad she was well enough to walk off the plane!). But when they decided to make our landing we were over the Atlantic ocean so they turned around and went back to Canada. This took and hour and then it took 5 hours to back track. THEN they landed us in Dublin rather than Shannon because the pilots can only fly for so long and we had to switch flight crews and then fly down to Shannon. So our 6 hour flight became 14 hours and we then drove to Cork which was another 3 hours and our cottage here in Tragumna was another hour past Cork. All in all we traveled for about 24 hours straight with my 76 year old grandmother.

But don't get me wrong, it was totally worth it. It is beyond amazing here.

Sunday I took a beautiful walk with my sister and my dad and we climbed down a beautiful set of cliffs and went right down to the water. That night we went out to the local pub - The Skibereen Eagle- and I had myself a guiness and then a few Bulmer's hard apple cider (amazing!) and once we were all a bit toasty we went home and had the deepest sleeps of our lives.

Yesterday we went to Mizen Head which is a lighthouse at the "corner of Ireland" and we saw baby seals sunning themselves on the rocks. This was after a few hours of getting lost which in my opinion was just as beautiful as getting to where we were going.

Today we went to Coppinger's Court which is a castle that belonged to my ancestors and burned out in the 1600's.

I will post pictures in a while when I get stuff updated. I miss you all! I am available by email!

Oh yeah, and I am moving here after college and I am getting a cow and 2 chickens (named lavern and shirley) and some sort of sheep dog.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

pictures- birthday party and easter

Well hello, long time no see. I have disappeared from blog-land because the last ten days have been sooooo busy I can't even believe everything got done...or at least most everything.
Lets recap:
-3 year olds birthday party (both in digital and with Stephen's camera)
-International Gala poster photo shoot
-Emily's surprise birthday party
-Easter weekend was spent doing family photography and lots of personal work with both cameras
-Did a shoot at a global warming panel discussion for Clark
-Photo shoot for the Higgins Gallery on campus (this did not turn out because my card DIED! and that was not awesome)
-Nick's grandma's 75th birthday party

In addition to this my photo-editing computer arrived (this is by far the best birthday present I have ever gotten-Thanks mom and dad!!!)

So I have been editing like crazy and feeling somewhat like I can't keep up with the number of files I have- also I am pretty sure my external hard drive is about to be full so I will need to move some old files onto my computer...yadayadayada

I will do a separate post with pictures because I am lame...the end