Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ian's Tiny House

Ian's house went up this weekend. It was pretty great to watch it all happen. Everyone just jumped right into place and found a job or a spot where they could be helpful. My spot was taking photos, though I did have people who were up on ladders hand me a few things and that made me feel useful! So the lighting was tough and I definitely did not take the best photos of my life, though they did get better as the day went on. Here are a few of my favorites:

It's interesting because these aren't the kind of pretty photos I make at weddings. People aren't standing around in their best clothes. So I had to really let go of a lot of my usual criteria when editing. But I like how engrossed everyone is in these photos. There are hands and arms and legs popping in and out of pictures because everyone was all over the place. My personal favorite, in case you were just dying to know, is the photo of the man with the saw and all the sawdust flying up around him, I think that one is pretty :).