Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy Busy Photo Bee

So another week has flown by. I feel extraordinarily busy right now. I am up at 7 or 730 am, 4 days a weeks for classes and observations/tutoring for my grad classes and then I am staying up way too late for my own good so this has resulted in a huge increase in my napping schedule. But all in all it is really good. I am doing things that I love. However, it has been a bit of a bummer because I have been having a hard time getting my self to photograph. It's just that when I get caught up in other things that I love (like crafting- which is my current obsession) I forget how much I LOVE photographing. Bah, I will have to work on remembering.

But I did get to photograph at stART and going through all those photos has been a real reminder of how much I love making images I am proud of.

So here is what you are really here for:

Just on a side note- I was having issues with an uncalibrated monitor so the colors on these are off a bit but I will hopefully have that resolved asap.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


So here is my favorite stART photo....

and here are some others:

Photo Time

I am realizing now more than ever that I get this crazy sorta photo-amnesia when I am photographing. I just get into this zone where everything that is going on is broken into these single images in my mind so when I think back on them I don't remember the events in whole but rather little bits an pieces. Also, I get so hyper-focused that I miss what is going on around what I am shooting. Like today a bunch of people told me they had waved to me while I was shooting at stART but I honestly don't remember seeing any of them. I kinda love the zone I get into because it makes time FLY by. I was at stART today for at least 5 hours and it felt like it just whizzed past.

But it was a blast today. I just love being outside and the weather was amazing and there were so many kids there to photograph. All in all, nice work stART team!!! So, I am in the lab now working on those photos and I will have them posted by the end of the night, fingers crossed.