Thursday, March 20, 2008

bicycle built for 13

Wow, it has been a while since I posted. I have been doing a lot of shooting but I haven't had much time to edit that work yet because I have been editing this. What is it you ask? Well, the senior art majors here at clark are having a Thesis show on April 23 and they wanted their invitation to feature them on a 13 person bicycle. Little did I know this was the start of a really cool challenge for me. So above you see the final product. It is a composite that was put together in photoshop. The file itself is HUGE and I have a print of it hanging on the wall that is 17 inches by 6 feet! The invitation itself is going to be trifold and when you open it up the image will be across the entire inside. It was really fun to do and Mike S. let me use his tablet which was just beyond awesome so I ordered one for myself and it should be here monday (woohoo!).

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Old Photographs Discovered

I feel like I am really starting to find a recognizable style in my work. I did not shoot enough over break because I was generally very busy being super lazy. So now I am back at Clark
without anything really new to work on, so instead I have been going through old files and exploring how I have gotten to where I am now. I tried to stay with the idea of children existing within their own worlds and how these worlds, if looked at with a close eye, are often vastly different from the world we exist within. This idea fascinates me. I am feeling a little guilty that I have sort of abandoned the wedding dress project, but in reality it just isn't doing it for me right now, and I know I will make my way back there when the time is right.

Oh, also, I netflixed the film about Tierney Gearon called The Mother Project, and I am just beyond in love with the film and her work and most of all her lifestyle. She just goes all around traveling with her children and photographing them as they grow and all I could think about was how much I want to have that. I am also blown away by how her photographs are both smart and emotional. It is hard to be able to do both of those things.

And, on top of all that Stephen is going to lend me his 2 1/4 film camera and I am going to try shooting color film for a while. This is terribly exciting but also pretty nerve racking because I have never worked with color film before and I haven't work with film at all in a long while. So onward we march.

I am going to try to title and at least give an approximate date for my photos from this point forward but we will see how it goes....

Christmas 2006

Julia and Matt
Thanksgiving 2007

The Cope's Berries
Summer 2007

After the Sprinkler
Summer 2007

Izzy and the Cat
Summer 2007

Lake Michigan
Summer 200