Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wedding and Ireland Photos

Well hello strangers! Who knew summer would limit my posting so much! It has been a great break from school but I am ready to head back up to worcester and get life back on some sort of schedule.

This summer brought one really amazing excitement and that was being hired to photograph my cousin's wedding. It was such a whirlwind experience and the day itself was a total mix of excitement and exhaustion, but the finished product has been completely gratifying. You can tell from the images that I am at the beginning of my wedding photography journey but I am more than excited to get more experience (and better equipment!). I have all the images up on my new pbase (pbase.com/anniecohn) but the wedding gallery has a password so let me know if you are interested in looking at the whole set. Otherwise here are some of my favorites:

(This one is really worth enlarging just to see my little cousin on the left side's face)

Other than that I have begun editing my photos from Ireland. That has been a really interesting experience because when I first got back from Ireland I pretty much hated all the pictures I took. None of them lived up to my very current memory of what an amazing place it was. But now that some time has passed I am actually enjoying going through them and reliving the experience. I have about half of them on the pbase too (the rest will be uploaded soon). But again I will put some of my faves here:

ps- new layout :)