Monday, August 17, 2009

Spring Photos

This is a smattering of photos taken over the spring semester. As you can imagine the funk I was in did not produce a plethora of interesting work but I am still sorting through and editing so maybe I will surprise myself. Either way the funk seems to be lifting....



Colin at Yvonne's wedding

Mom and Dad at Yvonne's

Getting on the subway in DC


Worcester walk

Worcester walk

Worcester walk

I know, I know, no cute cat photos allowed

Matt being bribed for Easter candy

Matt taking bribes for Easter candy

Julia photographing Julia

My personal favorite- Emily in the mountains

Isabella's Valentine's Day Pez

Also, note to self: Don't bother with the fisheye the photos are weird and just remind you of the photos you could have taken if you had been using a normal lens.


pitchertaker said...

Wicked funky pic of Cade.

LiterallyMe said...

wow i like the apple photo it is very unique and talented

new era france said...

maybe you will like it!

Poppy K Florence said...

I like the basket in the leaves! It made me sad, like I'd swallowed winter. But in a good way.

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